Trending Toys On Amazon For 2013

After I wrote about trending toys for Christmas 2013 a while back it occurred to me that Amazon’s most wished for (or most wishes for) search would be a good indicator of what the top selling toys will be in 2013.

Top Selling – and trending? – Toys At Amazon?

Here’s the link to a recent “most wishes for” search I did on Amazon September 3, 2013. (lots of Monster High Dolls and especially Pokemon plush toys.)

And Here’s The Link to another search for the “top 100 toys” on Amazon.

Similar Results?  Nope.

One would think that you’d see at least some of the same toys with this kind of search, but there are ZERO Monster High Dolls and ZERO Pokemon products in Amazon’s top 100 toys.

A Marketer’s Delight

With this information in hand one can reasonably assume that many of the hot toys for Christmas will be the ones that are currently in the “most wishes for” search.  It’s not too early to start sourcing product.

Good Luck Out There.

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