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Christmas 2013 Trending Toys

Retail Trends For 2013

Update: Here’s a new post I did September 3, 2013. re: Amazon most wished for vs. top 100.

I’ve been messing around a little bit watching for trends in the kid’s toys retail marketplace – and other marketplaces – so I figured I’d make a post that I can update throughout the next few months.

top toys for 2013

This Baby Einstein toy is a top seller on Amazon

It’s now mid April 2013 – let’s go and see what’s going on in the market.


TechCrunchTrending Stories – Penguin Children’s Is Turning Plants vs. Zombies Into Books, E-Books – TechCrunch

Following last’s year expansion into merchandise including toys, underwear (.), and more, EA’s PopCap is now taking its popular “Plants vs Zombies” title to the printed (and e-inked) page.

Craftzine – Fossil Cookies Made Using Plastic Bug Toys – Craft Posts – MAKE

I love how the simple act of pressing a plastic insect toy into the top of a sugar cookie transforms it into something so much more interesting. Kid’s Toy Excavator. These would be a hit at a bug-loving kid’s birthday party.

Not Much Going On Yet

Not Much Going On – Even when using Google Trends as seen below – online searches for Christmas 2013 don’t start to pick up until June.


That’s not to say there aren’t other tools to discover (earlier than most) what some of the hot products will be later this year. Stay tuned.  In the meantime – take a look at the hot toys for summer are.

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