Hot Toys For Summer

So here we are in mid May 2013 waiting for the top trending toys (searches) for Christmas 2013 to start picking up in the search engines so we can see if we can pick anything out of that data and try and get ahead of the curve and make some money.

Update:  See This Post I did on September 3rd, 2013 for updates.

It seems every year that one can’t tell what is going to be the hot toy for Christmas until later in the year.  Will this year be any different?  We shall see.  In the meantime…. Let’s take a look at some hot summer toys.

beach toy set image

Beach toys with the sand bucket are always a popular summer toy.

Popular Toys During The Summer Months

Beach Toys are always popular and this year is no exception.  Sand toys, kites, beach buckets and beach balls, plastic shovels and the like are always in demand.

This year one of the hot ones is a small plastic bucket, shovels and other accessories – and it seems that the only place you can find this Beach Toy Set is


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