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Toys And Releated Searches With Highest % Increase Over The Last 12 Months

Every marketer and product buyer likes to know what the hot products are.  It is valuable information.

doc mcstuffins image

Posted October 18, 2013:  Toy Trend Increases For The Last 12 Months

What Have People Searched The Web For?

I’ve listed below the results from my latest foray into the mind of Google.  This is what they tell me when I use my proprietary software to see what people are searching for when it comes to toys and related products (at least according to Google).

The searches listed below have had the greatest increase in “search volume” over the last 12 months.  Keep in mind that these results don’t necessarily show the searches with the absolute most volume, just those with the biggest increase in searches for those particular things.

You can also see some similarities with the last 90 days trending toys post I did.  It looks like Doc Mcstuffins is still very popular and will be for Christmas too as noted in this Benzinga article. (be sure to check out that article on Benzinga – some of the “hot products” listed there don’t show up on this list)

car toys phones
toy kitchen
toy organizer
straight talk
straight talk phones
doc mcstuffins toys
minecraft toys target
wwe toys
lego minecraft
doc mcstuffins
baby alive
buy buy baby
ipad mini
tablets at walmart
baby butterscotch
baby alive doll
bye bye baby

That’s all for now.  I’ll post more as we get closer to Christmas.


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Highest Trending Toy Keywords In Google Last 90 Days – October 2013

I’ve been messing around with a cool new piece of software that mines Google for the top trending searches (on Google shopping) over the last 90 days.

dispicable me image

Despicable Me toys and costumes are hot right now (for Halloween) and most likely will be very popular for Christmas too.

Keep in mind that these are not necessarily the most searched for toy keywords, but the ones that have had the most increase from their original search volume 90 days ago.

Valuable Trending Toy Info?

This information is incredibly valuable for those in affiliate marketing or for those who are sourcing product to sell online (Amazon FBA, ebay) and for those product buyers who are looking to stock the toy section in their own brick and mortar retail stores for the coming holiday selling season.

The list below is in “most searches increased” to “lowest”.  I’m not listing all of the % increases for each search, but I will tell you that the top 5 listed have had over a 5000% increase in search volume and the bottom one (that relates to the top 5) has increased 40% over the last 90 days.

Time to source more hot products?

kids minion costume
minion costumes
minion dave
minion goggles
minion halloween costume
purple minion
minion costume
minion shirt
doc mcstuffins
doc mcstuffins toys
minion toys
argos toys
barbie toys
littlest pet shop
girls toys
despicable me toys (40% increase in the last 90 days)

I’ve been watching trends in many categories and getting around to posting about them as I can.  I’ll update with more soon.  Be sure to check out my post on Amazon trending toys too.

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Trending Toys On Amazon For 2013

After I wrote about trending toys for Christmas 2013 a while back it occurred to me that Amazon’s most wished for (or most wishes for) search would be a good indicator of what the top selling toys will be in 2013.

Top Selling – and trending? – Toys At Amazon?

Here’s the link to a recent “most wishes for” search I did on Amazon September 3, 2013. (lots of Monster High Dolls and especially Pokemon plush toys.)

And Here’s The Link to another search for the “top 100 toys” on Amazon.

Similar Results?  Nope.

One would think that you’d see at least some of the same toys with this kind of search, but there are ZERO Monster High Dolls and ZERO Pokemon products in Amazon’s top 100 toys.

A Marketer’s Delight

With this information in hand one can reasonably assume that many of the hot toys for Christmas will be the ones that are currently in the “most wishes for” search.  It’s not too early to start sourcing product.

Good Luck Out There.

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Hot Toys For Summer

So here we are in mid May 2013 waiting for the top trending toys (searches) for Christmas 2013 to start picking up in the search engines so we can see if we can pick anything out of that data and try and get ahead of the curve and make some money.

Update:  See This Post I did on September 3rd, 2013 for updates.

It seems every year that one can’t tell what is going to be the hot toy for Christmas until later in the year.  Will this year be any different?  We shall see.  In the meantime…. Let’s take a look at some hot summer toys.

beach toy set image

Beach toys with the sand bucket are always a popular summer toy.

Popular Toys During The Summer Months

Beach Toys are always popular and this year is no exception.  Sand toys, kites, beach buckets and beach balls, plastic shovels and the like are always in demand.

This year one of the hot ones is a small plastic bucket, shovels and other accessories – and it seems that the only place you can find this Beach Toy Set is


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