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An Aging Population Searches For A Limitless Pill That Actually Works

As the population (especially in the USA and Japan) ages many folks are searching for a pill or supplement that can sharpen their brain power, increase memory skills, and enhance their cognition.

Many companies are scrambling to fill the brain pill demand and offering a variety of different supplements and even prescription medications that can allegedly do just that.

The video below is a typical example of the things that many people are searching for…. a pill that can be taken on a regular basis that will enhance their life and brain function.

Many website offer reviews and other information to help people make good decisions when searching for the right supplement for them. has an article that notes several of these brain pill supplements and what they comprise of.

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Is The Magnesex Magnet For Real?

I was perusing Victor Mayfield’s site the other day and I came across his Magnasex Magnet review which I found very interesting so I contacted him by email.

What he told me really opened my eyes to the shady underworld of male enhancement and men’s health product promotion.  It amazed me the amount of lies these marketing companies tell just to try and sell their oftentimes “quack” products.

It seems that this Magnasex magnet thing from Virility Innovations and the promotion of it has made a trip around the world and back – now again being promoted in the USA.  There is plenty of negative commentary out there regarding this product – including some on Victor’s site.  I recommend you check it out by clicking the link noted above.

– Steve

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