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jeffrey pohlman of u.p. lumber ishpeming michigan

Local Sawyers Cut Up Logs For Rough Cut Lumber

Using portable sawmills like the Wood Mizer LT40HD local sawyers around the world are turning logs into lumber for use in home building and other projects.

jeffrey pohlman of u.p. lumber ishpeming michigan

Jeffrey Pohlman – Owner of U.P. Lumber – Ishpeming Michigan

Here’s a video of Jeffrey Pohlman of U.P. Lumber in Ishpeming Michigan operating his portable sawmill while cutting pine logs into dimensional boards and other timbers.

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small led flashlight #bite2lite

The Bite2Lite – Is This The Best Pocket Flashlight For Hunting?

We’ve seen some pretty amazing flashlights over the years, but sometimes the simplest is best. The Bite2Lite mini LED flashlight (about the size of a keychain) is one of these.

pocket flashlight for hunting

The Bite2Lite Hunting Flashlight. Great For Hunters and Fishermen.  Available on Amazon – Click The Image To See.

Lightweight Flashlight

best pocket flashlight

The Bite2Lite Is Amazingly Bright For Such A Tiny Light

These little lights are not only bright, the batteries also last a long, long time.

This little Bite 2 Lite has come in handy more times than we can shake a stick at while we’re out in the woods (and even in the camp).

What we really like is that is truly is a hands free flashlight.

You don’t have to “bite it to lite it” as they say, it also has an On/Off switch so you can turn it on while it is hanging around your neck, cinch it up the lanyard and it pretty much just stays in place even while walking around.

It’s intended to be hung around your neck with the included lanyard, but lots of people just stick it in their pocket at first because they aren’t used to hanging a flashlight around their neck.  It’s so light in weight that we sometimes forget we even have it on.

This is a great function for when you are walking back from the tree stand or blind after dusk.

For such a small (and cheap) flashlight it sure works hard, and we highly recommend you get one (or three), even if it’s just to put in your hunting pack, glove box, or tool kit.  The Bite2Lite is a great little LED flashlight to have hanging around.

You can check out a couple of other Bite2Lite reviews Here and Here.

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Cold Brew Coffee


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Christmas 2013 Trending Toys

Retail Trends For 2013

Update: Here’s a new post I did September 3, 2013. re: Amazon most wished for vs. top 100.

I’ve been messing around a little bit watching for trends in the kid’s toys retail marketplace – and other marketplaces – so I figured I’d make a post that I can update throughout the next few months.

top toys for 2013

This Baby Einstein toy is a top seller on Amazon

It’s now mid April 2013 – let’s go and see what’s going on in the market.


TechCrunchTrending Stories – Penguin Children’s Is Turning Plants vs. Zombies Into Books, E-Books – TechCrunch

Following last’s year expansion into merchandise including toys, underwear (.), and more, EA’s PopCap is now taking its popular “Plants vs Zombies” title to the printed (and e-inked) page.

Craftzine – Fossil Cookies Made Using Plastic Bug Toys – Craft Posts – MAKE

I love how the simple act of pressing a plastic insect toy into the top of a sugar cookie transforms it into something so much more interesting. Kid’s Toy Excavator. These would be a hit at a bug-loving kid’s birthday party.

Not Much Going On Yet

Not Much Going On – Even when using Google Trends as seen below – online searches for Christmas 2013 don’t start to pick up until June.


That’s not to say there aren’t other tools to discover (earlier than most) what some of the hot products will be later this year. Stay tuned.  In the meantime – take a look at the hot toys for summer are.

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Only Good JuJu

While many people know about “bad” juju – this site is all about “Good JuJu”.  Good karma, good luck, etc.  We provide product resources and website reviews that can help you to improve your life.

For those looking for an excellent resource and information about Juju and the origins of it, see this excellent page on Wikipedia to learn more.

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