small led flashlight #bite2lite

An Open Appeal To All Of The Flashlight Fanatics Out There…

I’m as big of a flashlight fanatic as anyone.  Dozens of flashlights in my inventory.  If I had to buy batteries for all of them to make them all work at the same time it’d be at least $150 out of pocket – and I know there’s plenty of guys out there that it would cost at least twice that.

Is It A Disease?

Collecting flashlights could probably be considered some kind of disease I suppose, but it’s fun to investigate and discover as much of this new LED flashlight world as possible.

What’s Best?

Many times we fanatics get caught up in “the brightest” or debate which is “best”, but there’s really no best is there?  It pretty much comes down to personal preference – and in a survival type situation you hope you just have something that works.  Period.

A Stupid Simple Flashlight?

Now I’m not here to sell you a “survival flashlight”… The reason for this post is that I came across a couple of guys making the stupidest, yet simplest flashlight set up that I have ever seen.

When I first saw this thing, the super expensive flashlight fanatic in me said (quietly in my head) “that’s ridiculous”, but being the investigator that I am (and knowing the inventor personally) I decided to give it a fair shake.

“It’s just beyond prototype”, he said… “More improvements to come” he added.

“Tell your friends about it if you like it”, he said,  “Tell me if you don’t like it”.  I had to chuckle at that.

So I gave it a try…  This little flashlight my inventor friend calls “The Bite2Lite”.  That’s right… you can bite it to light it.  Crazy right?

… and stupid simple, just like I said earlier.

#bite2lite LED small flashlight

It does give off a lot of light for such a small device.

How many times have you put a hard cold flashlight in your mouth when you needed to use both hands to do something?  Probably countless times, right?

How often have you spent time looking for your “headlamp” flashlight (because you had a project that required it) and once you found it realized you needed new batteries to make it work?

The Bite2Lite Flashlight – It’s More Than Enough (most of the time)

small led flashlight #bite2lite

The Bite2Lite Flashlight. Stupid simple – yet incredibly handy for tons of situations…

Here’s a picture of the Bite2Lite Flashlight.

You can see that it is small.  It also has a lanyard (that’s adjustable).  You don’t have to “bite it” to make it work – you can squeeze it – or just turn it on (with the switch).

What I found is that whenever I have a project, or we’re going camping, that this is now hands down my favorite flashlight to have hanging around (my neck)… pun intended.

It truly is “more than enough” most of the time.

I’m not here to tell you it’s the “brightest”, or the most beautiful, but I am here to tell you that I’ll never go camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, out on the boat, or whatever without one (or two) ever again.

The Inventor

The guy who came up with this idea has an interesting story on how the Bite2Lite flashlight came to exist in this world, but for now he’d just like to “get some more out there”.

(there’s another article on this site about it)

I know his production capacity isn’t all that large (yet) as he is just getting things going with this thing, but I did manage to score a couple dozen (at a discount) that I am going to give away to other flashlight fanatics like me.

NOTE:  I’ve given away all the free ones that I received from the inventor so far, but if you’d like to get some of these Bite2Lites I do know that they are available on Amazon.  The 3-pack is the best deal.

All the best…

Jack Folsgood


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