Winter 2017 Is Here – Time For A New Furnace?

Have you ever gotten out of bed in the morning and you instantly knew that the furnace had gone out again?  If so, maybe it’s time to call a quality furnace repairman.

You can find a good furnace repair and installation man here who works in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

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An Aging Population Searches For A Limitless Pill That Actually Works

As the population (especially in the USA and Japan) ages many folks are searching for a pill or supplement that can sharpen their brain power, increase memory skills, and enhance their cognition.

Many companies are scrambling to fill the brain pill demand and offering a variety of different supplements and even prescription medications that can allegedly do just that.

The video below is a typical example of the things that many people are searching for…. a pill that can be taken on a regular basis that will enhance their life and brain function.

Many website offer reviews and other information to help people make good decisions when searching for the right supplement for them. has an article that notes several of these brain pill supplements and what they comprise of.

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jeffrey pohlman of u.p. lumber ishpeming michigan

Local Sawyers Cut Up Logs For Rough Cut Lumber

Using portable sawmills like the Wood Mizer LT40HD local sawyers around the world are turning logs into lumber for use in home building and other projects.

jeffrey pohlman of u.p. lumber ishpeming michigan

Jeffrey Pohlman – Owner of U.P. Lumber – Ishpeming Michigan

Here’s a video of Jeffrey Pohlman of U.P. Lumber in Ishpeming Michigan operating his portable sawmill while cutting pine logs into dimensional boards and other timbers.

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small led flashlight #bite2lite

An Open Appeal To All Of The Flashlight Fanatics Out There…

I’m as big of a flashlight fanatic as anyone.  Dozens of flashlights in my inventory.  If I had to buy batteries for all of them to make them all work at the same time it’d be at least $150 out of pocket – and I know there’s plenty of guys out there that it would cost at least twice that.

Is It A Disease?

Collecting flashlights could probably be considered some kind of disease I suppose, but it’s fun to investigate and discover as much of this new LED flashlight world as possible.

What’s Best?

Many times we fanatics get caught up in “the brightest” or debate which is “best”, but there’s really no best is there?  It pretty much comes down to personal preference – and in a survival type situation you hope you just have something that works.  Period.

A Stupid Simple Flashlight?

Now I’m not here to sell you a “survival flashlight”… The reason for this post is that I came across a couple of guys making the stupidest, yet simplest flashlight set up that I have ever seen.

When I first saw this thing, the super expensive flashlight fanatic in me said (quietly in my head) “that’s ridiculous”, but being the investigator that I am (and knowing the inventor personally) I decided to give it a fair shake.

“It’s just beyond prototype”, he said… “More improvements to come” he added.

“Tell your friends about it if you like it”, he said,  “Tell me if you don’t like it”.  I had to chuckle at that.

So I gave it a try…  This little flashlight my inventor friend calls “The Bite2Lite”.  That’s right… you can bite it to light it.  Crazy right?

… and stupid simple, just like I said earlier.

#bite2lite LED small flashlight

It does give off a lot of light for such a small device.

How many times have you put a hard cold flashlight in your mouth when you needed to use both hands to do something?  Probably countless times, right?

How often have you spent time looking for your “headlamp” flashlight (because you had a project that required it) and once you found it realized you needed new batteries to make it work?

The Bite2Lite Flashlight – It’s More Than Enough (most of the time)

small led flashlight #bite2lite

The Bite2Lite Flashlight. Stupid simple – yet incredibly handy for tons of situations…

Here’s a picture of the Bite2Lite Flashlight.

You can see that it is small.  It also has a lanyard (that’s adjustable).  You don’t have to “bite it” to make it work – you can squeeze it – or just turn it on (with the switch).

What I found is that whenever I have a project, or we’re going camping, that this is now hands down my favorite flashlight to have hanging around (my neck)… pun intended.

It truly is “more than enough” most of the time.

I’m not here to tell you it’s the “brightest”, or the most beautiful, but I am here to tell you that I’ll never go camping, hunting, fishing, hiking, out on the boat, or whatever without one (or two) ever again.

The Inventor

The guy who came up with this idea has an interesting story on how the Bite2Lite flashlight came to exist in this world, but for now he’d just like to “get some more out there”.

(there’s another article on this site about it)

I know his production capacity isn’t all that large (yet) as he is just getting things going with this thing, but I did manage to score a couple dozen (at a discount) that I am going to give away to other flashlight fanatics like me.

NOTE:  I’ve given away all the free ones that I received from the inventor so far, but if you’d like to get some of these Bite2Lites I do know that they are available on Amazon.  The 3-pack is the best deal.

All the best…

Jack Folsgood


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small led flashlight #bite2lite

The Bite2Lite – Is This The Best Pocket Flashlight For Hunting?

We’ve seen some pretty amazing flashlights over the years, but sometimes the simplest is best. The Bite2Lite mini LED flashlight (about the size of a keychain) is one of these.

pocket flashlight for hunting

The Bite2Lite Hunting Flashlight. Great For Hunters and Fishermen.  Available on Amazon – Click The Image To See.

Lightweight Flashlight

best pocket flashlight

The Bite2Lite Is Amazingly Bright For Such A Tiny Light

These little lights are not only bright, the batteries also last a long, long time.

This little Bite 2 Lite has come in handy more times than we can shake a stick at while we’re out in the woods (and even in the camp).

What we really like is that is truly is a hands free flashlight.

You don’t have to “bite it to lite it” as they say, it also has an On/Off switch so you can turn it on while it is hanging around your neck, cinch it up the lanyard and it pretty much just stays in place even while walking around.

It’s intended to be hung around your neck with the included lanyard, but lots of people just stick it in their pocket at first because they aren’t used to hanging a flashlight around their neck.  It’s so light in weight that we sometimes forget we even have it on.

This is a great function for when you are walking back from the tree stand or blind after dusk.

For such a small (and cheap) flashlight it sure works hard, and we highly recommend you get one (or three), even if it’s just to put in your hunting pack, glove box, or tool kit.  The Bite2Lite is a great little LED flashlight to have hanging around.

You can check out a couple of other Bite2Lite reviews Here and Here.

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Shot Glance Bar Inventory Systems

Shot Glance Rulers – Fast And Easy Temporary Bar And Catered Event Liquor Control System

The Shot Glance Bar Inventory Rulers are a simple and effective liquor inventory control system that are low cost and easy to use. The following video shows just how fast one can learn how to use them.

You can buy the Shot Glance Liquor Inventory Rulers on Amazon.

These rulers (sometimes called inventory sticks ) are a great addition to any inventory system for bar owners or managers especially when they are catering or setting up temporary bars for special events.

Shot Glance Bar Inventory Systems

The Shot Glance Rulers Are A Great Addition To Any Bar’s Inventory Control System. Great For Temporary Bars And Catered Events.

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Cold Brew Coffee


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Hawaiin Fish Hooks Are All The Rage

Hawaiin Fish Hooks have been popular for years and people still love them.  Many people own dozens of different ones.

Many times they are custom carved from animal bones.

We’ll have an update soon on the the next latest and greatest thing in the Custom Carved and Custom Cast Fish Hook niche.

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Cryptocurrency Casinos and Gambling Resources

I decided to start putting together a list of the crypto currency casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks etc. where you can gamble with Bitcoins, Litecoins, Dogecoins, and more.

digital currency gamblingNow all of these sites on the list don’t take every kind of “crypto” – and some of the links will bring you to other sites with online crypto casino and poker room lists of their own – so take your time, check out the reviews; you are sure to find a place to gamble online with your cryptocurrencies.

Where To Gamble Online With Crypto Currencies

Dogecoin Casinos

Dogecoin – Bitcoin – Litecoin Gambling Resources (the above link has lots of different resources such as: texas hold em poker rooms, video poker, roulette, slots, dice, war, and more)

I also posted an article when I first found out about being able to gamble online again in the USA and you can see it here.


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The Top Dogecoin, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Casinos Online

I am so happy to finally be able to gamble online again from the “free” world.  There is now a way to satisfy my gambling “itch” online and actually make some real money.

The Advent Of CryptoCurrency Gambling Online

I have recently discovered a way (many ways actually) to gamble online for real money.  I had been saddened for many years that I could no longer do what I wanted (play at an online casino) in my quiet hours at home – alone, but now it is again possible.

CryptoCurrency Casinos

Most people I am sure have heard of Bitcoin.  It turns out that there are more than 100 “cryptocurrencies” and now you can exchange your money online for these “cryptocurrencies” and use the new “money” to gamble to your hearts content.

Slots – Blackjack – Poker – Craps – Roulette – and more.

When I first discovered this I could hardly believe it.  Check out this site.  You can learn all about gambling online with “crypto” like Litecoin, Bitcoins, Dogecoin, and more.

If you want to learn more about cryptocurrency see this Cryptocurrency Wikipedia Article.


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